What Dreams May Come

Fellow Travelers


  • An elderly Greek woman who offers Taylor both counsel and protection.


  • A French merchant in the marche couvert who hires Taylor to mind her fromagerie when she is away.

Étienne Massenet

  • A Stephanois painter who has chosen to live along the Petite Ceinture. Massenet is redesigning the works of the Louvre as frescoes on the walls in the abandoned quarries of Paris. Massenet helps Taylor to progress with his quest.


  • A young Greek woman who reveres the counsel of her sister Nemertes, and has a sensitivity for the innocence of children. Eulimene directs Taylor toward his final destination.


  • An Albanian immigrant who works as the night watchman at the local marche couvert. Ilir lives in a storage room at the market and earns extra income during the day by running errands for various merchants. He is befriended by Taylor after an awkward initial meeting.


  • An American college student. She was Taylor's daughter and is recently deceased when the story begins. The manner of her death causes a cognitive phenomenon to overwhelm her father and instigates his quest.


  • An American physician. She was Taylor's wife and has been deceased for several years when the story begins.


  • An American man in search of a dream.